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March 15, 2019

The Experience One 2018

VIP Global Designers Showcase is hosting The Experience 1 Fashion & Beauty Event on November 3rd and November 4th at the Wrigley's Mansion in Phoenix. VPGDS is a design fashion & lifestyle company in Scottsdale. The idea is a platform for exhibitors to create awareness to their brands regardless of where they are located, through hosting popup multi-day fashion events throughout the year nationally and internationally. There will be a great opportunity to collaborate with all of our sponsors that are in the beauty and fashion industry and build your clientele base with potential new clients in an Award winning red carpet shopping pop- up event. All of our packages include: exhibit space, branding exposure, pictures, posts on social media, before and after the event, and material within our event program book. 


Event date : Nov 3-Nov 4 2018 

Vip global designer showcase launched The Experience 1- 2018 hosted a 2 day event at the Wrigley’s mansion. A positive mood pervaded throughout The Experience 1 -2018 and the event delivered quality products & attendance. The emphasis was on high quality fashion and visitors enjoyed 2 runway shows enjoyed live Dj, music, food, shopping and beautiful calming background Harp music.

*The Experience * fashion show showcased a curated exquisite collection of International established & emerging designers and a *Lifestyle* fashion show by macy’s showcased beautiful kids & women clothing.

Fashion events attendance have increased over the years and people have been more selective and are looking for more standout pieces different styles and different price point at VPGDS we are always working on delivering quality exclusive products and looking to invite new creative talents to exhibit at our events.

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VIP Global Designers Showcase 


We also launched our innovative on-line boutique live from the LOG-IN LOUNGE during phoenix fashion week event!  

VPGDS Boutique is an exclusive online shopping experience devoted to a curated collection of luxury ready-wear, evening couture and a selection of exclusive pieces from Emerging Designers around the Globe.

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